It appears that allstate is now starting a new policy, if you have not heard yet.  They now have lowered their caps on how much they will pay out, we well as some extra rules to decide whether you might be covered, and emphasizing the need for you to have mexico "tourist" insurance.  I missed having my camera with me, when I saw a small white car with spray paint written on the rear driver's side saying, "This is what good hands means".  So this cap means you will not get your car replaced if it is involved in an "accident" as their cap is always less than the value of the vehicle. It also means they can decide at any time they will not pay out and you are not covered.  So as in that white car, you also may no longer be covered if you are insured with allstate.  In my opinion, this proves that insurance is no longer there to cover you and now you will most likely lose your shirt!