The question comes of how often do you vote.  I believe the answer to this question is that we vote all the time.

When we vote in any election, we cast a ballot.  We think we are saving our vote by not casting it, however, what we are doing is to let others vote cast their ballot on behalf of us not voting.  This means that we always vote by letting other vote for us, if we do not cast a ballot.

In congress there are three ways to vote: aye (yes), nay (no), and abstain.  We know that aye, or yes, is in agreement.  We know that nay, or no, is in disagreement.  But what and why would abstain be "casting a vote"?

Abstaining is the process of a person acknowledge that they are holding out or "not casting a yea or nay vote".  this means that by them not state for or against, they are stating that they are holding back and watching others state for or against.  In other words, by abstaining, they are making others vote for them.

Under the circumstances, it appears that everyone votes in every election, either by themselves or by proxy.