Many governments around the world are now "spying" on their citezens.  What is interesting, is that it does not seem to be effectively stopping the "terrorists".  All I ever hear about is folks worried about their privacy instead.

There are many issues that seem to surface.  Both the NSA and the CGHQ seem to be ineffective.

EventDateGovernment event
Sandy Hook school shooting14 December 2012The FBI was hosting a class about terrorists invading schools about twendy miles away.
London Underground bombings7 July 2005the police seems to be having a fake bomb senario down the street from each of the bombing locations.  They in turn were standing around when the real thing happened because they were supposed to be waiting for the okay.
Boston marithon bombings15 April 2013The FBI and their bomb sniffing dogs where nearby witnesses indicated that they were "testing" for bombs.

In each of these and many other situations, it appears that atleast one government agency was hosting a related training nearby.  Now, either the "terrorists" have insider knowledge of the training or else the government has advanced knowledge of the "terrorist incident" and did not want to prevent it.

It is interesting that the "terrorists" in these senarios seem to have previous ties to government agency.