It seems strange that an individual would beome mayor just to push very hard to tax the citizens.  This appears to be what Katie Witt is all about.  First the road=tax, and now trying to get Kaysville to pay for American Fork's fiber internet.

The road tax is an interesting this.  Ever since it was introduced, the roads have not improved in quality.  I am not sure how many people have noticed, but road constructions appears to be the same amount as it was before the tax.  I believe that if we should see more activity withe the increase in taxes.

The Internet is a strange place that has been declared by some people as being necessary.  If you have a smart phone, then it connects to the internet.  However, is this truly a requirement to have utlra-fast internet that is slow in today's age?  There are many local providers that are offering internet at a fraction of the cost of the new Kaysville Fiber, which will be around $100 per month for both the ISP and the fiber connection.

Kaysville fiber is being forced on citizens, even if they do not sign up for it.  Residents will be charged a utility fee whether they sign-up or not.  I imagine that there will be a lot of residents that won't care about it until after they see their utility bill and it is too late.  If you "opt out" of the Kaysville Fiber, you will see about a $10 to $20 per month charge on your utility bill just to have Kaysville City bring it into your neighborhood.