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Bush for President

Please support your constitution, by supporting your current president. Anyone that defies the current President of the United States is condeming the constitution and their country. Don't be a liar and a cheat. John Kerry is a cheap person. He changes his word every few minutes. Just note how he is a Gay supporter. John Kerry is just a liar and an evil man. Please dont vote for him.
As a note against Kerry, both he and his wife own companies that have moved their work force outside the US.  Bush has not moved any companies outside the US!  Isn't obvious who the real liar is?  John Kerry is a liar and a thief!  Please don't vote for a jerk and a bloody fool!

John Kerry is a major supporter of George W. Bush as a canidate running for the president of the United States.

Democrats are crooks and thieves: Check out John Kerry and his wife - Teresa Heinz KerryHillary Clinton is another crook!  See how crooked they really are!

Speaking of Hillary, Both William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been caught running a drug rink in Arkansa.  How come it was not publized?  While they were running and doing drugs illegally, William was the govenor.  Atleast fifty people, that is right, 50 people were murdered but both of their hands.  I am not sure who committed them, but the commandment to kill came from one of them.  The coroner stated that many of these people committed suicide.  How crooked is that?

If you don't want to vote for George W. Bush, vote for someone else. Nader has some better qualities.  Just don't destoy the American Dream!!!