The Pro-197 was a little bit difficult to setup, however, once I figured out that you need to get the control channels programmed in, all worked.

This setup all works with the creation of a TGRP.  Once you get the TGRP created, edit the TSYS and put in your frequencies.  Select.

  • Create a TGRP
  • Go to TSYS and select your device (mine was MOT 800.)
  • Under Frequencies, input each of the control channels for your areas
  • Set your Audio-Boost if needed
  • Set Multi-Site to "Roam" to pick the nearest site and to "Stat" to scan all control channels
  • Save the settings (You might need to hit save a couple of times to get out.)
  • Hit the scan button and enjoy listening.  I noticed that some of the audio channels were not received, however, the control channel was.

    I hope this helps you get you started with listening.

    Here are some additional links that may help you