Think about the power that exists in the world today.  Educators want people to require more educations, but the industry does not have a good enough education, yet.  The only viable solution is to tear down this corrupt institution.  Referendum 1 is the key to the tearing down.  A law like this will benefit both schools and students, but the NEA (National Edjucation Assembly) and UEA (Utah Edjucation ASSociation) don't understand this.

Now for the logic: When one student leave a class, most of the money stays.  Here is the catch, since most of the money stays, sure, the school loses a little money, but the money per student goes up.

Lets think about it this way: Without the law, a student leave and goes to a private school.  Now the school loses all the money.  Wait!  Did you say all the money???  Yes, when a student is no longer enrolled in the public system, the school loses the money.

Ouch!  This brings a whole new light into the picture as Referendum will bring money back into the school system for students that are already attending private schools and the voucher program.